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Buy God’s Green Crack Weed Strain Online


When a strain comes from a marijuana variety that amazed Snoop Dogg himself and it has God in its name, there must be something special about it. However, despite its powerful name, God’s Green Crack is a gentle, well-balanced hybrid that promises to take you on the cloud nine once used.

God’s Green Crack derives from God’s Bud and Green Crack. Its first parent is an indica-dominant strain with a very high potency, and even more strikng psychedelic effects. So, to tone it down, Jordan of the Islands decided to cross God’s Bud with the Sativa-dominant Green Crack that has been around for ages and got ultimately renamed by Snoop Dogg.

God’s Green Crack produces a gentle mental high, while maintaining its potency. After a few minutes of consuming this strain, you will begin to experience its effects that are particularly brain-centered. At that point, you should be able to feel all the negative feelings fade away. As for its indica-driven properties, God’s Green Crack combines the cerebral high with a soothing body sensation that leaves a user relaxed for hours.

As much as we appreciate the recreational benefits of God’s Green Crack, we cannot remain indifferent towards its range of therapeutic qualities. Once used, the strain is known to provide relief for those in chronic pain, but it can also alleviate stressanxiety, and help people manage depression.

Are there any adverse effects of using too much of God’s Green Crack? Yes, but they shouldn’t bother you much. Most people report dry mouth and eyes, which are two of the most common side effects of using any cannabis strain, to be honest. If you keep yourself well hydrated while using God’s Green Crack, you’re going to be all good.

For those cannaseurs who are sensitive to marijuana’s aromas and flavors, God’s Green Crack is an interesting specimen. Its spicy and pungent odor is unmistakable, as well as the earthy hint with a slight touch of grape. Most cannabis users describe its fragrance as one that smells refreshingly good. Ready for more good news? The fragrance of God’s Green Crack carries over to its taste, with herbal undertones that boost the flavor and make the strain taste exotic. Long story short: it tastes even better than it smells.

Flavours: Sweet, Woody, Earthy
Medical Use: Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Fatigue

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